Fire Detection and Alarm

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Fire Detection and Alarms

Hallmark Fire specialise in numerous fire detection and alarm systems

Control panels

As a specialist systems company, Hallmark Fire can source and install all types of fire detection equipment. The systems and products you see here are only an example of the comprehensive range we can offer

system devices

offers a comprehensive range of standard and specialist devices, many of which are unique within the industry

harsh detection

Perfect for paper, lumber and textile mills, food processing plants, packaging areas (corrugated dust), laundry rooms, animal holding areas such as zoos, stables, barns and subway tunnels

radio (wireless)

Radio technology has been successfully used in industry and commerce for over 100 years and the ability to securely transmit data without the use of cables has gained increasing acceptance. Difficult areas, historic buildings and multiple sites can often preclude the use of cables, and in these cases radio offers trouble free and reliable operation. Radio systems are also ideal for retro-fitting into operational sites to minimise downtime and disruption


VIEW laser system is ideal for critical applications where even a trace of undetected smoke is unacceptable or where high air flows can make traditional smoke sensor inadequate. VIEW provides the very early warning, individual point indication, total supervision and simplified maintenance available only from hard wired, intelligent technology.


Aspiration systems help to ensure that business disruption and downtime are avoided by detecting smoke at the earliest stage possible. The wide sensitivity allows optimum alarm settings for a wide range of environments, providing active protection where other systems prove inadequate. This sensitivity range (0.005 to 20% obscuration/m) allows for the initiation of up to four different response procedures as the smoke level rises. Typical response procedures can include: activation of pager, a general alarm, building evacuation and fire department notification

video smoke detection

is based on sophisticated computer analysis of the video image seen by a CCTV camera. Using advanced image-processing technology and extensive detection algorithms, the system can automatically identify the distinct characteristics of smoke patterns. The system can adopt an existing CCTV installation and protect large, difficult open areas cost effectively