Fire Telephones

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Fire Telephone

This is a hardwired emergency telephone system for firefighters and emergency personnel. It allows them to communicate reliably with the control centre in order to manage difficult and dangerous situations including phased evacuations of the public from a building.

Large amounts if steel in modern buildings affect the reception of personal radio sets, it is therefore desirable in large or complex buildings to have a 'fixed communication system'.

BS9999 recommends that permanently fixed fire trlrphone handsets should be provided at strategic points. For sports grounds, no person who has an need of an emergency telephone should have to travel more than 30 metres.


  • Hard wired emergency telephone system for emergency personnel
  • Required in all phased evacuation sites and sports stadia
  • Small footprint dial unit is ideal for crowded fire control rooms
  • Close talking noise cancelling microphone for use in noisy environments
  • Wall mounted control exchanges save valuable floor space
  • Automatic configuration is quick and easy
  • Optional call status and emergency messages
  • Alert and Evacuate messages or tones can be triggered by the fire detection system
  • Audio input from voice alarm
  • All extentions can be named - up to 15 characters per extension
  • Reliable operation
  • Fully monitored hardware and software
  • Space for batteries for 24 hour standby plus 3 hours operation
  • Complies with BS 5839 Part 9