HARSH Detection

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HARSH Detectors

When hostile environments make traditional smoke sensors impractical, HARSH is the answer. HARSH works in environments where traditional smoke detectors fail. HARSH eliminates nuisance alarms by using a small intake fan to draw air and smoke into a photoelectric sensing chamber through a micro-pore filter, removing unwanted airborne particulates and water mist. So there's no need to compromise on detection in critical areas just because they are dirty or wet.

Key Features

  • Filters let smoke particles in, keep dust particles out
  • Optical point detector gives far faster response than heat sensors or sprinklers.
  • Overcomes false alarm problems in dusty atmospheres
  • Extends the intelligent fire protection system into a dusty production environment.
  • Monitored fan on low duty cycle.


  • Intelligent analogue communication provides complete supervision of fan, filter and detection chamber
  • Micro-pore filter removes smoke and its easy-to-replace design minimises maintenance.
  • Unique housing design helps protect the detection chamber and electronics in damp and moisture-rich environments.
  • Cycled fan operation reduces power consumption and extends filter life.

Typical Applications

  • Cement Works
  • Flour Mills
  • Coal Processing Plants
  • Road Tunnels
  • Paper Mills
  • Textile Plants
  • Grain Stores
  • Any dusty atmosphere