Inert Gaseous Protection

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Inert Gaseous Protection

Inert gas systems are ideally suited to the protection of fixed equipment and plant. They are particularly applicable for high risks where fires can have devastating consequences way beyond the cost of damage and lost production.

A range of inert gas systems are available, details here relate to IG55 systems which have a mix of 50 Argon and 50 Nitrogen. Brand names for IG55 systems include ARGONITE and PRO-INERT.

Applications include:

Computer suites, Telecommunications facilities, Archive stores, Petrochemical plants, Offshore oil and gas installations, Gas turbines, Control centres


The IG55 system has been developed as a viable but environmentally friendly alternative to chemical gases. Tested and approved by regulatory bodies throughout the world. IG55 is effective against fires in almost all combustible materials and flammable liquids and is particularly suitable for us in areas where the use of water, foam or powder would be unacceptable.

IG55 Systems

These consist of one or more pressure cylinders connected via a common manifold. System actuation can be manual or automatic and the gas is dispersed through a pipe network and enters the protected area via nozzles. Valve design, the size and pressure of the cylinders used together with computer calculated pipe and nozzle dimensions ensure that the correct amount of IG55 is released effectively.IG55's inerting and extinguishing properties act quickly to eliminate the fire. If more than one area within a building is to be protected, a single IG55 system designed to extinguish a fire in the largest room can be used provided that there is no risk of more than one fire within a facility at any one time. The total cost of the fire protection system can be reduced significantly in this way. 

IG55 Cylinders

IG55 Cylinders are 80 litre 300 bar as standard, although different sizes and pressures are available to meet your specific needs and to ensure maximum cost effectiveness of the installation. Each cylinder is manufactured from high strength alloy steel and is supplied with the requirements of the various national authorities - inclusive of stamping and certification. They are mounted in rows and may be installed in any suitable location.