Oxygen Reduction

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Oxygen Reduction

With the innovative Oxygen Reduction system areas can be created in which fire cannot occur, yet people can still enter without effect. The statement "No more fire" must be the priority for every organisation choosing a fire protection system. Consequential interruption of any operational process can be avoided, data processing installations are guaranteed to run at all times and irreplaceable objects are reliably protected. Preventing fires means we have reached our goal.

When Petrol Does Not Catch Fire

Oxygen Reduction focuses on preventing fires right from the start. This innovative system is based on a technology that reduces the oxygen level in a room by adding nitrogen to the air.

Operating Principle

By adding nitrogen to the air the oxygen level is reduced so an open fire becomes impossible

It is true for all solids that their ability to burn is directly connected with the oxygen concentration in the ambient air. The more oxygen concentration is reduced the less likely the solids are to burn.In an atmosphere with reduced oxygen level it is less likely that a fire develops and spreads. At 15% vol most liquids and solids do not flame and an open fire is impossible. When petrol does not catch fire, it demonstrates the highest level of fire protection and safety.

By adding nitrogen, it is possible to create an atmosphere where nothing catches fire. Nitrogen is non toxic and is the main component of air with about 78% column. It is ideal for oxygen reduction as it represents the best breathable mixture. The high level of nitrogen in ambient air provides the method of extracting nitrogen and operating the Oxygen Reduction installation on site. This is both an efficient method and low in cost.