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Hallmark has vast experience of delivering major projects.

Any major project starts with the sales and design team, all of whom are technically experienced to ensure the initial design and proposal are technically accurate. When a contract is secured, it is then formally handed over to a Project Manager with all supporting information and documentation. Where possible the design/estimating engineer who was involved with the initial design will form part of the project team to preserve continuity. This also ensures a thorough design at the outset.

The appointed Project Manager will coordinate and oversee the entire installation, commissioning, testing, client training and handover, whilst a fully trained team of installation and commissioning engineers execute the works with the minimum of disruption.

We ensure all project details are included such as battery calculations, fire stopping, standards, compliance and quality of workmanship. We also have strict health and safety policy and procedures, issue risk assessments and produce method statements for all aspects of the project.

The contracts division successful completes contracts from £15,000 to in excess of £4,000,000. The contracts are as diverse as system extensions to large network systems of gas extinguishing systems.

Project environments include:

  • Hospitals
  • Communication Nodes
  • Data Centres
  • Rail Stations
  • Modern Office Blocks
  • IT Suits
  • Television and Radio Stations
  • Leisure Centres
  • Shopping Centres