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Hallmark Fire can provide the following speakers to suit any requirement

ceiling loudspeaker
  • Aesthetically pleasing for office applications
  • Ease of installation for suspended ceilings and plasterboard ceilings
  • Ideal for general public address/background music and voice evacuation systems where intelligibility is at a premium


sphere loudspeakers
  • Ideally suited to areas where ceiling loudspeakers are impractical
  • Provides a smooth omni-directional dispersion pattern which helps to reduce hot spots and dead areas
  • Typical applications include Supermarkets, Department Stores and Warehouses

cabinet loudspeakers
  • Wall mounted range of cabinet and column loudspeakers
  • Ideal for a diversified range of applications including voice alarms and background music
  • Regularly used of Shopping Centres, Prisons, Schools, Airports, Churches and Places of Entertainment

Horn Loudspeakers
  • Wall mounted to provide a direct sound in a well defined pattern
  • Used in Hazardous area, Marine and Voice Alarm applications
  • All horns are weatherproof, corrosive resistant and ideal for heavy industrial use.

Projector loudspeakers
  • Provides clear speech and excellent background music reproduction
  • RAC/PAC range ideal for Corridors, Passageways, Railway Stations, Shopping Centres and Prisons
  • MSP range ideal for Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Stadiums and Warehouses