System Devices

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System Devices

There are many types of detection technologies for sensing and detecting the presence of smoke, heat or other early indications of fire. Hallmark can help you assess the risk and choose a method of detection most suitable for your premises. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and specialist devices many of which are unique within the industry, see separate pages for our industry leading detectors such as VIEW, HARSH, & RADIO, as well as these specialist devices we offer standard range of devices, including the following:

Intelligent Conventionalâ„¢ Detectors

The Processor Enhanced Detector (PhD) brings many of the features only normally found on analogue addressable devices into a conventional device. Features include: Adjustable sensitivity, Drift compensation, Designed to minimise dust build up, Twin bi-colour status LEDs, Hand held programmer and test unit, Addressable module to display device in alarm, Multi-Sensor (Optical / Heat) available

Analogue Sensors

A complete range of Sensors are available including Optical, Ionisation, Heat and Multi-Sensor (Optical Heat) devices in addition to the specialist devices. Features include: LPCB Approval, Low Profile, Built in lock facility, Self test diagnostics, Sensitivity adjustment

Loop powered sounders

We offer a range of loop wired (and standard) sounders including base type or wall mounted. The sounders have a low current consumption allowing many to be installed on each loop, they offer maximum flexibility due to their programming and cost savings on wiring as they are on the same loop as the detection devices. Features Include (dependant on type chosen): Horn & Base type, Self test with inbuilt microphone, Tone Synchronization, Selectable tones, Weatherproof version, Output of between 85 & 112 dB(A) at 1 metre

Input/output devices

We offer a comprehensive range of input output devices and powerful software programmes to make ease of any cause and effect requirements, the range now includes a mains rated output unit which is rare in the industry.