Voice Alarm

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Voice Alarm/Public Address System

Voice Alarm systems are used in buildings where it is essential to evacuate people quickly and easily. It integrates with any fire alarm system and will ensure that alert and evacuate messages are broadcast clearly and intelligibly. Operating automatically means that the system will not be dependent on an operator controlling it unless the Fire Officer takes charge.

Applications Include:

Fire officer's microphone to all areas, evacuate voice alarm message will go into any area, alert voice alarm messaging into any area, monitoring of the amplifiers and loudspeaker lines, background music, paging from a desk microphone, battery supply and battery charging monitoring.

Where are Voice Alarms Used:

Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Shops, Sports Stadia, Cinemas, Theatres, Schools and Public Buildings

Digital Voice Alarm

Hallmark provide digital voice alarm with standard components and programmable options which provide a solution for now and the future. Each rack is built to order with the specifics for each project and programmed by either an on board display and keypad, a laptop computer or remotely by an engineer to work in the site specific way.

This system has the ultimate in flexibility as well as quality in terms of equipment and performance and is fully compliant with BS5839-8 and BS5839-1.

Voice Alarms for Small Sites:

Due to cost and size of the equipment, Voice Alarms have traditionally been only feasible for large sites. This is no longer the case due to a cost effective compact voice alarm system. This wall mounted self-contained system includes integral battery back up, 200 watts of amplification power and four output circuits. Whilst the fraction of cost and size it still has the benefits of digital voice alarm technology.